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♥ Ryo's Bizarre Adventure ♥

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Ryo Flame
17 February 1987
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A bit of a comic and gamer geek, Ryo works all week for the sole purpose of blowing all her money on comic books and going out on the weekends. Very material, she likes pretty things, or rather, likes OWNING pretty things, as is apparent by her bedroom. Her idea of pretty things, however, are very different to those of a 'normal' girl, and she likes it this way.

She enjoys writing stories, but primarily roleplaying; give her a plot and let her use her characters and she can go for hours on end.

She works at a company that sells alcohol to pubs/clubs/restaurants all around Melbourne. Sounds great, working in a warehouse of booze, huh? Well, she's not much of a drinker save for the occasional social drink, so it's not that flash. And she's in the office/admin part of it, anyway.

Ryo also loves to dress up. Whether it's in her strange neo-Victorian outfits, or whether she's putting together a cosplay costume of a comic/anime character, no outfit is too outrageous. Watch the LJ for pics.

At the moment she's really hardcore into the Korean music scene. Prepare to be spammed.

Credit to kangtagreen27 at the Dedicated to H.O.T. forums.

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