Day 6: Wandering Insadong + shopping

They’d put Leena and her friend Maikki in my room for one night until their room’s spaces got cleared out, so that was nice :D we got to hang out a little bit and then this morning as I was planning to head out to Gwanghwamun Square they asked if they could tag along so yeah, that’s where we headed off too first.

Gwanghwamun Square is the open plaza where the statue of King Sejong is, and the entrance to Gyeongbokgung Palace. While it’s usually a really gorgeous view from one end to the other, there was a lot of fog today which sort of shrouded everything.

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Now I’m going to go to bed, because tomorrow we’re going to attempt Music Core, and… SHINee are attending, so it might get a bit crazy :I so we have to turn up stupidly early, blaaargh.

Wish me luck, aaahhhh.

Day 5: Ryo has a rest + back to Apgujeong

There’s not a whole lot that I can say about today because… there’s not a whole lot that went on that you guys will find interesting.

I was going to meet with Tee in Apgujeong again but not until about 4pm so I SHOULD have sorted out an activity for the morning and filled up my whole day but I still wasn’t feeling 100% well and I was feeling lazy so I lolled around in bed for ages and then had breakfast and just did a whole lot of nothiiiing. I also was expecting Leena from Finland, who had come with us in 2011 to Big Show, and kind of wanted to be at the hostel when she arrived.

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Tee had to go pick her friend up at the airport and I wanted an early night so we parted ways after a while in the café and here I am. But yeah, definitely didn’t do a hell of a lot today, feeling bad about it too, so gonna try and cram a lot of stuff in tomorrow, hopefully!

Day 4: Arirang recording!

I woke up this particular morning with some pretty terrible stomach cramps, as mentioned at the end of the previous post, and that killed my morning because all I wanted was to sleep more after I’d taken meds to try and quell how awful I felt.

Basically I only had to meet Taheera at 2pm so I used the rest of the day try and rest until I finally hopped on the train to go and meet her. We caught the bus to Arirang TV and took timestamped photos in front of the building to prove when we were there; show recordings work on a first-come-first-served basis, the earlier you get there the earlier your place in line.

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I’d had a really good day and I’m really glad I got to experience all of that. Hanbyul was a cutie, my DMTN boys are flawless and amazing, seeing HeeJun was pretty much a bucket-list thing for me so omfg yes thank you.

Watch as I make gifs of my face when the show airs though.

Day 3: Museums and Myeongdong~

I had a really great night’s sleep last night. Might have been because the loud snorer who had been in our room the first night was gone, or maybe because I went to sleep around the same time as the noisy girls, or maybe because I’d jus had a really great day the day before. I only slept about 6hrs but it was solid, so I woke up feeling refreshed.

I did steal the shower first this morning, before anyone else was up, and then headed to the common room to help myself to breakfast.

The night before I’d looked up museums in Seoul because I needed something to kill time with in the morning, and I ended up going to one of the biggest, the National Museum of Seoul at Ichon. There’s only one thing I love more than museums and that’s art galleries, for me, a gallery or museum is the perfect way to kill time.

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This morning I woke up and I’m suffering from cramps pretty bad. I ended up not going out this morning (meeting Taheera again in the afternoon) because I want to get rest and wait for this hell to pass in its own time.

More adventures this afternoon; more about that later!
Gay Vomit!U-Kiss

Day 2: Friends, Apgujeong and Nanta!

So I got so sleepy after settling in to my room yesterday afternoon that I ended up passing out really early. Good thing too, because the roommates I had? Noisy as hell.

I don’t know what time it was when they came in, probably a reasonable one since I’d gone to sleep quite early, but wow they weren’t quiet about it and they turned all the lights on :I they bumped and banged around a ton and after I finally got to sleep they were still doing stupid shit and dropping things in the dark around midnight. Augh.

Reminder to self; go have a shower super early before anyone else gets up. Not only will that give your hair time to dry but their one big group of friends and will pass the bathroom off to each other until they’re all done.

So I got a late start to the morning, in part to me oversleeping quite a bit. So I had a headache :c
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So… today was great and I had fun and tomorrow I’m meeting Tee at Myeongdong for some hardcore shopping, awww yisss. Not until the afternoon though, so gotta figure out something to do in the morning!

Day 1: Flights and arrival!

This trip I really wanted to document everything, I’m going to make a conscious effort to do a lot more now I have a nice camera and a little notebook computer with me. This means things might get a bit boring for you guys, since you might not want every detail, but bear with me!

I thought Slinky and Deer would be staying over Friday night but they ended up going home so basically I had the whole place to myself Saturday morning to get all my packing and stuff out of the way. I don’t like packing because I’m always certain I’m going to forget the most important things, augh… the morning wasn’t too bad though, and I thought I had it all pretty well under control.

Caught a cab to head to the airport around 1:45 and that’s when I started to get anxious; I don’t know why, because everything went as planned and I was at the airport before 2:30 and my flight wasn’t going to be until 4:45pm, but I guess when it comes to flights--especially when I don’t have the company of a friend to keep me grounded--I just always expect the worst, haha.

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I’m going to be meeting a friend (Taheeraaaa) tomorrow for lunch and I’ve booked Nanta for tomorrow night, should be fun!

It’s good to be back.

~*Hiatus*~ obviously.

So I haven't written in here for ages because Tumblr is way too convenient, but I'll still be using this account to comment on other people's posts and submit things to communities.

I actually miss writing here quite a bit so who knows, it might pick up again. But for the moment, yeah, nothing to see here XD
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Best Absolute Perfect

So my local kpop store had a big restock, and as well as scoring the new Big Bang album (which I love, by the way), I went a bit nuts on the B.A.P stuff.

The shirt fits really comfortably and is quite flattering, their album has a great little photobooklet and the headphones... well they're not official merch but I needed new headphones and I love their logo enough to nab them. I really like B.A.P's single, all the songs on it are good and I've been playing it a lot on iTunes these days. They're all adorable and I want to put Zelo in my pocket OvO

Sunstar have also restocked on... well, EVERYTHING. Their selection of bags is massive now and I would have bought the BigBang messenger bag if I had liked the design more. Still seriously eyeing off the Block B and 2NE1 designs though.

They also have a bunch of blue Super Show 4 bags, probably because it's now confirmed to be coming to Sydney. Still kind of wanna go but as I'm doing sums I don't know if I should because of upcoming trips aaaahhhh. I'll do some more maths and see how I go.

I need to go back next week and pick up some more stuff. Yes. Good. Real life post soon, I promise. There's a lot to get through.


Being sick sucks balls. Help?

I've slept half the day away already and I hate when that happens because it feels like I've wasted the day. But I'm pretty sick at the moment so my sleeping patterns are all out of whack and the worst part is I can't take any time off work this week because one of the other girls has started her vacation.

It's a pretty bad cold that started with a scratchiness in my throat on Thursday and is now a full-blown 'oh-god-please-kill-me' cough that hurts my whole body. On top of that it's that time of the month again which I think is in part to blame for the cold; it brings my immune system right down and combined with changing climates suddenly and god knows what someone on the plane might have had it's suddenly TA-DAAAA~ ILLNESS!

Does anyone know quick-fixes for a sore throat? The internet said a combination of lemon, honey, vinegar and hot water. It surprisingly doesn't taste as vile as it sounds, in fact it's almost pleasant, and it does provide very instant relief, so it's quite nice for me to sip during the day, but I don't want to consume so much vinegar and also I don't think it's helping in the long-term. I've also rubbed Vicks Vapo Rub into my throat and wrapped a scarf over it because apparently this works for some people too.

I JUST... my job is working on the phone and I can't do that with a sore throat/almost no voice! And I won't be able to get any doctor's appointment today... not that I want one because they'll only tell me what I already know.

Help meeee...

Elisabeth: Das Musical

We've known for the longest time that this musical was coming to Korea. And for the longest time we had planned to go and see it. So when we finally got the chance to, when the dates were finally released, this is what we build our holiday around.

It's been five days since we saw it and I've finally calmed down enough to do a proper post about it, to put it all into words.

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We were so emotional at finally having seen this musical which we had loved for so long. I'm still getting emotional just thinking about it even now.

Eventually I'll write up about the rest of my time in Korea this year. But this deserved a post on its own.