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Day 16: The final day, books and cafes

Packed my things this morning so that I wouldn’t have to do it in the evening… tried to book afternoon session tickets for Miso since it would finish early enough for me before I had to go to the airport but the theatre is apparently closed on Mondays, so that was a fail. Therefore Leena and I decided to spend the last day that I had here just taking it easy.

I wanted to go back to Kyobo bookstore to pick up some vocabulary books so I could study up on the language a bit more and memorise a lot more grammar, verbs and adjectives. I ended up picking up three books to learn more of the language.


The slang book is so much fun, omg. It’s also probably a terrible idea because my Korean is way too informal as it is from watching too many dramas and picking up all the vocab from them, so I really need to focus on proper grammar before I even look at the slang. The Korean Basics book is a workbook with writing exercises because the best way for me to retain information is by doing actual work. The Essential Korean book is literally that; it’s phrases used in various situations, but while there’s a ton of these sorts of books out there, this one is set up in a way that’s really easy to use and it breaks down the sentence structure for you as well so you’re learning grammar as well as vocab.

I also picked up some history books that got me extremely excited from the moment I saw them.


I originally just wanted a book on the Joseon era but when I saw these three on the shelf I knew I had to have them. A quick flick through confirmed that yes, I did indeed want these, despite the fact they were over $30 each. So my last purchase in Korea was something that will give me more of an insight into something that I’m becoming very passionate about. This makes me happy because I’d been hoping to find good history books the entire time I was here.

Leena and I decided to go to Minto, the café I had seen when we were in Insadong the first week. I had found it again after having originally been there in 2010, my very first Korea trip. It was exactly how I remembered it, tiny on the outside, massive on the inside.




We had delicious food for lunch and took it easy on the way back. I didn’t really want to do anything spectacularly stressful today because I knew tonight would be stressful enough with flights and everything.

So now I’m just sitting in the hostel, typing this up and watching the clock. I’ll be heading out of here in about an hour to go to the airport and then my holiday will be over ;n; hopefully I won’t be too depressed on my flight. I’ll just bury my nose in my books and absorb as much information as I can.

I’m leaving my best friend behind in this country, but I’m taking a lot of new, wonderful memories with me. And in October I’ll be back, to visit her, and to make more memories!

Good night~ see you all back in Australia~
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