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Day 13: Meeting my bestie in Myeongdong + BBQ party~

On this day the plan was for myself and Leena to meet Taheera, Dara, the Swedish girls Sofia and Elina and also Hattie at Myeongdong, but in the morning we got a message from Taheera that she and Dara had slept in and could we meet two hours later. Since Leena and I had been up since 8am and the original meeting time was 12, we really didn’t want to hang out until 2pm so we went in early.

It was so good to see Hattie agaaain ;A; It’s only been a couple of weeks but she was originally supposed to be on this trip with me before the sudden teaching decision happened, so it feels like so long, aahhh. I don’t know how I’m going to manage for an entire year without her.

Her luggage had gotten lost in transit so she needed new clothes, which is why we’d gone into Myeongdong. I didn’t need new clothes but knew that inevitably I’d end up buying them anyway. First things first though, we decided to go and get lunch, and found a nice, hidden away little Korean place with good food for a super reasonable price (and free self-serve ice-cream!).

This is what Leena and Hattie had, a spicy ddokbokki (rice cake) and noodle soup, because they’re vegetarian and it looked pretty amazing. I had spicy tofu stew and it was so gooood.

By the time we’d shopped a little and finished eating it was time to go back to the station to meet with the others. Unfortunately they also hadn’t eaten and thus we sent them into the place we had lunched earlier while we continued shopping. Hattie had soon accumulated a few clothes, as had I in H&M and eventually we met the others for coffee at DropTop café, finishing off fan gifts (I was drawing, Taheera was crocheting a penguin) and then we all parted ways. Hattie and I headed off to Yellow Submarine together while the others dispersed.

Hattie hadn’t seen the new Yellow Submarine yet so I was happy to show her around and introduce her to everyone. At the start of the day Simon had suggested that in the evening we have a BBQ party; I wasn’t sure what this entailed, I thought it meant going out to a BBQ place together but nope, they had everything we needed for a Korean BBQ party in the basement kitchen, including a whole lot of beer and soju (suddenly I had flashbacks of day 10).

It was all the workers of the hostel, plus the Finnish girls, Nie-en, Hattie and I. We were around a big table with beef strips cooking in the middle and it was just… really fun. We played drinking games, joked around, played an equivalent to truth or dare that pretty much involved more drinking and less truth, and there was stupid dancing and singing. We discovered the manager of Hongdae Guesthouse, Jinseok, would pretty much agree to anything as long as we called him ‘Jinseok-oppa’ and asked him things in a cute way.

Hell, I was just glad there were guys there I could call oppa, I’m usually one of the oldest in the group in Korea, but I’m pretty sure all the guys there were older than me. WIN. I’m still totally unused to actually using those terms on a casual basis though so I… don’t… do it often because it feels weird. But the guys seem to enjoy it, hah.

Hattie and I had to be up at butts o’clock in order to go and meet Taheera and the others for Music Core, so we called it a night a little before 12am. Apparently our timing was pretty good because I was told the next morning that not long after one of the guys got so blind drunk he started a fight with another and the mood dropped really sharply. One of the guys even ended up in our dorm room for the night just to get away from it all. Luckily I won’t have negative memories of that night, because it was a lot of fun for as long as I was there!

I didn't take like... any photos today, I don't know what happened, I think I was just too caught up in the company and the SQUEE I HAVE HATTIE BACK. Oh well, next time!
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