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Day 11: Show Champion and Three Musketeers

I woke up with a headache that was luckily not too crippling, it was more the nausea that was a pain, but after popping a couple of painkillers and getting out into the cold fresh air it wasn’t too bad.

Seeing DMTN at Show Champion had been sort of a last-minute decision for me, Taheera was like ‘want to go?’ and I agreed without really thinking, even though I was already drinking when she suggested it. By the time I was on the train to meet her I was severely regretting my decision, ugh lord.

It pretty well went off without a hitch; Show Champion, like every other music show, involved waiting. We were surprised by how many Dalmates were already present! Tee, Dara and I were numbers 20, 21, 22. Usually we don’t even have that many, haha. Café Bene was our hangout until we had to go and line up, we met up with two of the Swedish girls I’d met at Arirang and hung out while we waited.

At MBC there were so many VIXX fans, oh my god. I think there was almost as many VIXX fans as there were for the other prerecording groups combined. I have literally heard their song only once and I don’t really get it, but?? Wow anyway. The most fans were there for SHINee, though. They weren’t prerecording but they were already there painfully early to try and get into the live. I felt kind of sorry for them.

We had to wait about two hours and it was coooold but we got a good spot inside. We were sharing with the SPEED fans so we got to see SPEED’s performance as well (I ended up cheering for them too, they’re really good). Zico’s brother has so many fans, the screams for him were so intense, whoooa.

And then DMTN had their turn!

They were really energetic, goodness. They wandered out on stage and waved and smiled a lot, and when the filming crew said to get started they instead insisted that they greet us fans properly first. Jeesu especially was super excitable, he couldn’t stand still, he was always moving and dancing and waving enthusiastically. We were a good head taller than the girls in front of us so when we waved, we got quite a few waves and smiles back, especially from Daniel and Jeesu. They interacted with fans, Simon even pulled out his earpiece and leaned down from the stage to try and hear what the fans were shouting up at him.


They performed once in full and two partial performances for editing purposes. Jeesu was confused as to where they were starting from in the partial recordings and I’d forgotten how adorable his facial expressions are. His confused face and pouty face especially oh my lord. I remember back in the day when David was my bias, he was also pretty darn high on the list.

They are so cute, and so nice to their fans. It’s a constant reminder of the reasons I still follow them. I’m getting to know Simon a bit better too, he’s definitely no longer ’that new member’ to me, and I’m really glad.

Here’s some photos from the performance (that I did not take).

After the prerecording we got food and then it was back to Café Bene because the girls were going to hang around to wait for the live recording. I stayed with them for a little bit but I had a performance of the Three Musketeers to go to that evening so I couldn’t stick around. Disappointing because there were several groups I wanted to see (B.A.P, for one) but…

…but oh lord Three Musketeers was so amazing.


I love musical theatre. Heck, I just love theatre in general, but theatre combined with music combined with amazing costuming?? HOLY HELL it was just a huge overload of amazing for me. I really love that you can take photos during the end in Korea as well, gave me the chance to have some photos of the amazing costumes.



This musical was absolutely stellar. I didn’t really recognize anyone in the cast we had on the cast board, but when we were watching it I was squinting at the actor playing d’Artagnan because he just looked SO FAMILIAR to me. It was only when, during the intermission, I looked in my program book and saw he’d been in Dream High. He was the dorky teacher in Dream High, omg no wonder I loved him.

Speaking of actors I loved in this musical I’d just like to take a moment to say that this man was gorgeous and amazing:


His name is Kim Sang Hyun and he played Jussac. I could not take my eyes off him in any of the scenes where he was actually on stage and I’m pretty sure 50% of the photos I took at the end were of him (though a lot didn’t turn out so well). Hello sir, I appreciate your face a whole lot and am going to casually look into you the way I originally did with Park Euntae. Look out.

The musical ended pretty late so we didn’t get up to anything after that we just stopped by a convenience store for food. Now I’m up this morning, it’s already after 10am and I have no idea what I’m going to get up to today I AM THE LAZIEST OF LAZY.

I’m trying really hard not to think about the fact that not including today I only have four days left until I have to go home, but that realisation is creeping up on me the more I try to plan the activities I haven’t been able to do yet. I also really want to try and see Hattie at least once before I have to go… cuz I’m not going to get to see her for ages ;A; since she’ll be teaching here for a year and only would have landed here yesterday, ahh.

Try not to think about it, Ryo! Cram as many experiences as you can into the last few days! Go, go!
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