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Day 10: History and FINALLY BBQ.

So we were supposed to go to Miso… but when we got to the theatre there were apparently no shows running?? I was so confused because I’d gotten an email that I believed was a confirmation, but in reality it was like a ‘your reservation application has been received but we’ll have to confirm’ email. Idk. What I do know is we rocked up there and they were like ‘sorry, no’.

Before meeting Leena and Maikki for that little failure though, I’d decided to go back around the Gwanghwamun and City Hall area to see what else was around there because I knew at least that I wanted to go back to Kyobo bookstore to pick up some headphones.

While I was wandering the area though, I came across the Seoul Museum of History and of course, being a museum, a museum of HISTORY, I was obliged to go in and have a look.




I really love Korea’s history though my favourite period is Joseon (admittedly because of historical dramas, I adore the political intrigue) and this museum had a whole wing dedicated to Joseon-era history, ahh~ So I wandered around there a while and took a lot of photos






The museum was set up in a really easy to follow way too; it started in the Joseon era and arrows indicated the way you had to walk through everything--from the Joseon era it went into the early 1900’s and through the occupation by the Japanese, the Korean war, etc. through each decade until you ended up in a room with a massive scale model of Seoul today that had glass walkways all over it so you could walk around, it was gorgeous.



I checked out the café/restaurant and the gift shop but there really wasn’t much more I wanted from it after I had been through the main exhibitions, so I headed out and kept going to Kyobo bookstore where I had a delicious meal (because it really is that big that is has cafes and restaurants in it).

Then after that, when I met up with Maikki and Leena and we wandered on over to the art centre, we discovered the little hitch in our plan. Without a show to attend, we tried to think of something else to do, but we really couldn’t be bothered at that point because it was cold and had even rained a little, so we went to Jeong’s Coffee House, a little independent café near the art centre, where I had the most delicious lemon tea I’ve ever had.


The night before, we had made some rough plans to go out for BBQ with some of the people from the hostel, so after the stop at the café we slowly but surely headed back. They were not at the hostel and after Fernando, the guy who was there, made a quick phone call to them they said they’d meet us. So off into Hongdae for BBQ!





It was me, the two Finnish girls, Fernando, Jamie and while I know how to say the Philippino girl’s name I have no idea how to spell it… Nie-en? I dunnooo. The other guys, Martin and David, turned up after we’d finished eating with a Korean friend in tow so we went off to a bowling alley nearby but they had an hour wait for lanes so we nixed that idea and headed back around to a bar closer to the hostel for drinks.



Two rounds of Hoegaarden, before we decided to take the drinks back to the hostel, where we made a lot of noise and played stupid drinking games until we were all arguing about stupid shit (I was trying to explain that liking more than one gender did not make you greedy and Martin was disagreeing with me).



I realised again that I was supposed to be meeting Taheera at 10am the following day and told myself firmly that I would go to bed at a decent time. But oops, I kept drinking until 2am and was still the first person to head to bed, haha.

I’m behind on my posts. I have to write yesterday’s post now about Show Champion and The Three Musketeers, wwwhhhhooooppppssss. Soon, I promise!
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