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Day 9: A quiet day and a visit to Seoul Tower

After how late our night went on the day of the concert, I really wasn’t up to much the next morning. I slept in as much as I could in our piping hot room (they turned it down last night at my request because I don’t think I could have done that again) and then tried to decide what I wanted to do.

My hostel!

The new Yellow Submarine is really nice~ It’s different to the old of course, but it’s homey and nice and I’m glad I came here after Hongdae Guesthouse. The Guesthouse is clean and neat enough but there’s no real community atmosphere, no place where people can just come and hang out together and have a few drinks and just chat.

I honestly don’t really plan these holidays very much in advance which means there are days when I just have a bit of downtime. This day was one of those days. However, while I sat and caught up in online stuff in the morning I decided on an idea; it’s pretty typical of couples to go to Seoul Tower and leave ‘couple locks’ there; a padlock with their names written on it, locked to the fence at the tower. I’ve always wished that one day I can have a partner that I can do that with, but for the moment I decided to do the next best thing.

I decided to make it my mission to leave some notes for the future, specifically to some friends who I one day really want to visit Seoul with. They sell locks at the actual tower but those are intended for couples so I bought some from Artbox instead.


I had a bit of a lunch at Paris Baguette and took the time to write with permanent marker on them before tucking them safely away. While I was in Hongdae I also took the time to pick up a few things for friends of mine, because I hadn’t done any souvenir shopping yet and really wanted to get that out of the way.

Seoul Tower is near Myeongdong which is kind of dangerous because whenever I end up in Myeongdong I always spend a lot of money, waugh. But I was good! Probably because I had spent a fair bit of money on gifts and didn’t really want to bust more that day haha. I made the hike up the hill to where the cable car was to go up to the tower, and headed on up!


You can see the sky’s already pretty dark, it was about 5:30pm because I’d dallied so long at the hostel in the morning and in Hongdae early afternoon. It was sort of nice though, to be able to be there as the sun was setting and see the dusk settle in.

I really do love Seoul Tower. I was actually intending to make it up to the observatory this time, because I’ve never done that before, but it was getting dark pretty quickly and I decided to keep that for a day where I was there a bit earlier. I also really wanted to try hiking up one day, too, because as I was going up in the cable car I could see the winding paths and roads and the people walking up them.

And the view~

It’s always sort of smoggy over Seoul which is to be expected, but that doesn’t make it any less spectacular to see. It was also a relatively good day, weather-wise, so I actually took my coat off for a little while because I was too warm.

I went up to the main deck where all the locks were attached to the fence and honestly, it’s so tightly packed together that there’s absolutely no fence left to use, haha, you really have to attach locks to other locks! So I took mine out and attached them all around the same sort of area. Mission accomplished!

Can you spot them?

After the sun had dropped low it suddenly got darker really quickly so I decided not to hang around too long and instead went back down in the cable car and down the hill to Myeongdong again. 40mins after I took that photo of the view it was already completely dark, and the streets of Myeongdong were teeming with people because, like Hongdae, at night Myeongdong comes alive with street vendors. The shops are always open late and there’s just people everywhere.


I had a good time just wandering around. I didn’t buy very much, but did find souvenir pens that I had hoped I’d come across for my coworkers, so there’s another thing to tick off my list of things to do!

After that it was back to the hostel where everyone but the Finnish girls were in the living room, so after I had caught up on online stuff I went down and joined them and we all watched Argo together (what a great movie). Then Wolvering Origins was on TV and we played a drinking game (a drink every time superpowers. Wolverine‘s claws did count). It was a good, relaxed way to end a good, relaxed day.

Today we have a performance of Miso to go to but not until 4pm, so I’m going to see how I can spend my morning!
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