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Day 7: Music Core!

Music Core kicked ass! I went on Saturday and it was a good time~!

We rocked up to the MBC building super early, about 8:30am, and took our pictures in front of it to send off to the head of the Dalmates group to prove when we got there. We were numbers 9, 10 and 11 in the end which was really good! As usual the majority of attending a music show consists of sitting around waiting a lot, so we went to scope out an appropriate café to do so.



Zoo Coffee was a really cute (and more importantly, really warm) place where we huddled into a corner table and settled down to kill as much time as we could. Taheera’s friend Dara had come along and we were introduced, she’s very exciteable and was happy to fan girl with us :DD

I had made it my mission to flood Taheera with B.A.P because she was going to be using the ticket that I wasn’t able to sell in time before the concert. I might have been out about $90 but lmao it was going to be worth it just to have her there with me, she is a good friend. So while we sat in Zoo Coffee, we watched a lot of B.A.P MVs and the Gurupop episode of B.A.P as well. It was a good way to kill time!

We had lunch at Lotteria because after seeing Jongup devouring burgers on Gurupop we really felt like burgers too. Lotteria is basically McDonalds, but with about 10x more options and cheaper. Go Lotteria! I had the ‘Giant Double Burger’ which is basically two meat patties and all the salads thrown onto a bun and it was delicious.

Then it was back to Zoo Coffee to kill the last hour and a half before check in time.

Check in went smoothly if a little tediously, we found the other Dalmates pretty quickly and then it was just a matter of standing around a lot until we were going to get called in. There were a lot of people in the MBC building waiting to get into recording.


The people sitting on the ground were Junist (for Moon HeeJun), the two big lines beside them were Boice (CN Blue fans) and BANA (B1A4 fans) respectively. On the other side of Junist which you can’t see, were the SHINee fans. Because yes, SHINee are promoting and we’d forgotten that when we made plans to come here.

Still, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference, we all got into the live recording. Taheera and I squeezed into the left side of the audience pit because we didn’t feel the need to be crushed in the middle and we also didn’t need to be crushed against the other side, where the Music Core presenters would be. MuCore was being presented by three of the members of B1A4 so their fans were a mass of bodies over on that side.

The stage looked like this (taken before recording began, appropriately while they had DMTN’s background on:

The ballad singer whose name I didn’t know at Simply Kpop is called Shin Jae and he had to start off the show. Baby looked so nervous, he kept fiddling with his clothes and licking his lips, aww. I really like his song though and I cheered him on. Other memorable performances included:

SPEED - I hadn’t seen any of their performances or heard any of their songs but they were really energetic and amazing. Apparently Zico’s brother is a part of that group! ~The more you know~

CN Blue - They are so dorky, oh my god. Being a band with actual instruments, they prerecorded and also don’t have any choreo to do while the prerecorded clip is airing on TV so they just came out on stage and dorked around. Jonghyun stood at one corner of the stage to watch their own performance on the TV that showed what was airing and occasionally wave to fans, while Yonghwa and Jungshin did stupid dances together and Minhyuk stood awkwardly in the back and stared at people. Annie, I really wish you could have been there to see your dorks because JFC we laughed so hard.

Moon Heejun - It was his goodbye stage and it was like his fans were being extra loud just to see him off. It was a really great performance too, but I mean the three times I’ve seen him perform now he’s been really on point every time so I expected nothing less. It’s always really impressive to see him dance, and this time I joined in the fan chants too.

GLAM - Wow dang those girls rocked it? I’d only heard their song the first time just the other day and I really liked it, and they really kicked ass on stage. Gonna have to look those girls up.

DMTN - of course. They were really great and they were perfectly spot on as usual. We were sort of separate from the other Dalmates but shouted out the fan chants anyway; gotta show our support! The boys were in serious mode today; Donglim waved but everyone else seemed really camera-focused, which was fair enough because they were recording live.

NU’EST - I didn’t know they’d be promoting that day and their new song is sort of forgettable but it was good to be able to see once and for all that Ren actually exists and isn’t just a mythical creature that’s too pretty to be real. His hair looked amazing for the perf, gosh. They all looked really nice but the song just sort of bores me, haha.

Kim Tae Woo - I like Kim Tae Woo’s voice even if his new song Cosmo Girl is a bit weird. He had prerecorded so nothing was stopping him from STARING AT US through a significant part of the song while his prerecording was airing. He was wearing sunglasses, so we honestly can’t be sure, but we’re pretty damn certain because we were the tallest in our section of the audience and he kept looking over. Even one of the Dalmates we’d been talking to later mentioned she’d noticed it too, haha.

SHINee - I’m no SHINee fan, really, but I had to admit the boys put on an amazing performance. They did two songs, one of which was Dream Girl, the other which I didn’t know, and even though they’d already prerecorded they still did all the choreography AND made it really entertaining. There were hugs between members on stage, and Minho making fun of Jonghyun for being short behind his back. It was a really fun stage to watch, they were full of energy and constantly pointing and smiling at their fans, too.

I dunno I’m probably forgetting people/performances (I didn’t list all of them because perfs like Two X just… I didn’t really care haha) but there’s the gist of it. It was nice to have been able to see SHINee, and they were really great.

When we were ushered out we saw the mob on the streets waiting for the idols to come out in their vans so we decided to wait for DMTN as well. We were close to an intersection, and B1A4’s exit of the building was heralded by an insane amount of screaming from fans. I honestly can’t believe how popular they’ve gotten, wow~! Fans chased after the van and then… then they got caught at a red light. The mob grew and fans were darting out onto the road to pass them things through the window and touch their hands and stuff it was absolutely crazy. When the van pulled away again, fan girls were practically hyperventilating in excitement, rofl.

DMTN came out not long after!! Jeesu and Daniel were leaning out the windows waving, Donglim was leaning forward between the front seats and waving too--and then they got stopped at the red light so of course we did what the BANAs had done and rushed over. The Korean Dalmates were so loud and screaming things at them and Jeesu was such a good sport and yelling right back, though he and Daniel also kept trying to usher people off the road because whoops cars. We weren’t as loud as the Korean fans and Jeesu seemed to notice, he stared for a moment and then waved slowly as if trying to get our attention, what a cutie-pie, I missed his precious face.

Eventually the light changed (what a great traffic light it was red for ages) and they drove off, followed by another car which Simon was randomly leaning out of?? We thought he’d just been hiding in the back of the first. When they’d gone we decided to head back to Hongdae to meet Leena and Maikki to get dinner together.

We had dinner at Loving Hut which is a vegetarian/vegan food chain I’d visited previously with Hattie, and it was the end of a really good day. I’m now behind on posting things, though… I still need to do a post about last night’s B.A.P concert!! I’ll try and do that this evening, ahh~ it was so good.

Okay I’d better go do something with my day!
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