Day 16: The final day, books and cafes

Packed my things this morning so that I wouldn’t have to do it in the evening… tried to book afternoon session tickets for Miso since it would finish early enough for me before I had to go to the airport but the theatre is apparently closed on Mondays, so that was a fail. Therefore Leena and I decided to spend the last day that I had here just taking it easy.

I wanted to go back to Kyobo bookstore to pick up some vocabulary books so I could study up on the language a bit more and memorise a lot more grammar, verbs and adjectives. I ended up picking up three books to learn more of the language.

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So now I’m just sitting in the hostel, typing this up and watching the clock. I’ll be heading out of here in about an hour to go to the airport and then my holiday will be over ;n; hopefully I won’t be too depressed on my flight. I’ll just bury my nose in my books and absorb as much information as I can.

I’m leaving my best friend behind in this country, but I’m taking a lot of new, wonderful memories with me. And in October I’ll be back, to visit her, and to make more memories!

Good night~ see you all back in Australia~

Day 15: Korean Folk Village aka Ryo feels like she's in a drama

The Korean Folk Village is a bit of a hike out of the centre of Seoul; to get there I had to travel a little over an hour by train down to Suwon, where I could catch a bus that would take me to the Village. I woke up at about 8 and decided to leave around 9 since the website I was looking on said the shuttle bus left 11am and I wanted to get there a little early.

As it turns out, the site I had been looking on was outdated and the shuttle bus left at 10:30. I had JUST missed it. But the tourist information centre let me know which of the normal buses I could catch to get there, and since it was the end of the line on the bus route I didn’t have to worry that I was going to miss my stop.

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Today is my last day… last night I got really depressed about it too, because the guys here keep going ‘stay longerrrr, why do you have to go baaaack’ and it makes me feel terrible because I really don’t know why I don’t just try and do something here. Sigh.

Oh well, let’s try and enjoy it regardless :’)

Day 14: Music Core, round 2!

This day was dedicated to going to Music Core. We went last week as well but instead of being around the 10 mark in numbers we were 20 onwards; more Dalmates this week! The last couple of times there have been a few more Dalmates and that makes us happy because gosh do those boys ever deserve more attention.

We waited out the morning at the same café as last time, Zoo Café, so I don’t really have anything new to write there. Hattie and I ventured out a couple of times, and I bought a huge block of Hershey’s cookies ‘n’ crème chocolate that I could put with the letter and drawing I had done for DMTN.

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Leena had been relaxing all day so she was going to head out and asked if I wanted to come along, but I was pretty tired anyway so I nixed that and ended up staying in. My intention was to have a really early night but that didn’t really happen either, despite the fact I needed to be up at a reasonable hour.

I had tried to find something that I could do on Sunday, the last full day that I had in Seoul that didn’t include a plane trip at the end of it, and decided to attempt going to the Korean Folk Village. More on that later!
Gay Vomit!U-Kiss

Day 13: Meeting my bestie in Myeongdong + BBQ party~

On this day the plan was for myself and Leena to meet Taheera, Dara, the Swedish girls Sofia and Elina and also Hattie at Myeongdong, but in the morning we got a message from Taheera that she and Dara had slept in and could we meet two hours later. Since Leena and I had been up since 8am and the original meeting time was 12, we really didn’t want to hang out until 2pm so we went in early.

It was so good to see Hattie agaaain ;A; It’s only been a couple of weeks but she was originally supposed to be on this trip with me before the sudden teaching decision happened, so it feels like so long, aahhh. I don’t know how I’m going to manage for an entire year without her.

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I didn't take like... any photos today, I don't know what happened, I think I was just too caught up in the company and the SQUEE I HAVE HATTIE BACK. Oh well, next time!

Day 12: Hongdae wanderings and Rebecca das Musical

I wanted to keep things relaxed on this day. I got a late start because Three Musketeers ran so late the night before and I just generally don’t handle late nights well. During the morning that I was sitting in the hostel, I decided on the fly that I would go and see Rebecca the musical and managed to score the last remaining VIP ticket for that evening.

Mostly my time management had been pretty cruddy during this holiday because all the things I wanted to see, such as musicals, I had been trying to organise so other people could come along too, but I quickly came to the realisation that I’d never get anything done that way, so SORRY to Leena and Hattie who I had originally hoped to see the musicals with but my time was running out.

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Because I had read up on the synopsis beforehand I was able to follow the story pretty easily but I was also quite pleased at how much of the dialogue I was actually picking up. I really think spending more time here has improved my understanding of the language, even if I still have difficulty recalling the vocabulary when I need to use it.

This was gorgeous. If I had more time in Korea I probably would have gone to see it again, but as it is I’m just going to have to pester my friends here to go!

Day 11: Show Champion and Three Musketeers

I woke up with a headache that was luckily not too crippling, it was more the nausea that was a pain, but after popping a couple of painkillers and getting out into the cold fresh air it wasn’t too bad.

Seeing DMTN at Show Champion had been sort of a last-minute decision for me, Taheera was like ‘want to go?’ and I agreed without really thinking, even though I was already drinking when she suggested it. By the time I was on the train to meet her I was severely regretting my decision, ugh lord.

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I’m trying really hard not to think about the fact that not including today I only have four days left until I have to go home, but that realisation is creeping up on me the more I try to plan the activities I haven’t been able to do yet. I also really want to try and see Hattie at least once before I have to go… cuz I’m not going to get to see her for ages ;A; since she’ll be teaching here for a year and only would have landed here yesterday, ahh.

Try not to think about it, Ryo! Cram as many experiences as you can into the last few days! Go, go!

Day 10: History and FINALLY BBQ.

So we were supposed to go to Miso… but when we got to the theatre there were apparently no shows running?? I was so confused because I’d gotten an email that I believed was a confirmation, but in reality it was like a ‘your reservation application has been received but we’ll have to confirm’ email. Idk. What I do know is we rocked up there and they were like ‘sorry, no’.

Before meeting Leena and Maikki for that little failure though, I’d decided to go back around the Gwanghwamun and City Hall area to see what else was around there because I knew at least that I wanted to go back to Kyobo bookstore to pick up some headphones.

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I realised again that I was supposed to be meeting Taheera at 10am the following day and told myself firmly that I would go to bed at a decent time. But oops, I kept drinking until 2am and was still the first person to head to bed, haha.

I’m behind on my posts. I have to write yesterday’s post now about Show Champion and The Three Musketeers, wwwhhhhooooppppssss. Soon, I promise!

Day 9: A quiet day and a visit to Seoul Tower

After how late our night went on the day of the concert, I really wasn’t up to much the next morning. I slept in as much as I could in our piping hot room (they turned it down last night at my request because I don’t think I could have done that again) and then tried to decide what I wanted to do.

My hostel!

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I had a good time just wandering around. I didn’t buy very much, but did find souvenir pens that I had hoped I’d come across for my coworkers, so there’s another thing to tick off my list of things to do!

After that it was back to the hostel where everyone but the Finnish girls were in the living room, so after I had caught up on online stuff I went down and joined them and we all watched Argo together (what a great movie). Then Wolvering Origins was on TV and we played a drinking game (a drink every time superpowers. Wolverine‘s claws did count). It was a good, relaxed way to end a good, relaxed day.

Today we have a performance of Miso to go to but not until 4pm, so I’m going to see how I can spend my morning!

Day 8: B.A.P Concert!

I never intended for the B.A.P concert to take all day but there was so much waiting and running around involved that it did. Taheera was such a good sport and supported me and kept me company the whole time, BIG THANK YOU TO HER. The plan was to get there early, buy merch, leave and do other things before the concert but it ended up a little less relaxed than that.

The only stadium I knew at Olympic Park was the one we saw Big Show in, and it wasn’t the one B.A.P were in so we had no idea where we were going; we eventually found some B.A.P fans with merchandise and were able to ask them where to go and we probably would not have been able to find it ourselves for some time, haha.

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I want to write more but I’ve been drinking with the guys here at the hostel and everything is blurring together a bit so I’m gonna leave it at that. I’m really glad that I went, it was a really fun concert. I’m also really glad I took Taheera, because it gave me a chance to show her the boys that had been giving me energy the last couple of months, to share them with her.

After the concert we taxi’d back to her place so I could pick up all my stuff and then I just taxi’d it back to my hostel--which actually had changed to the new Yellow Submarine from the Hongdae Guesthouse, so I couldn’t even go straight to bed, I had to haul all my stuff down to Yellow Submarine. I’d never been to the new YS before, I quite like it, although the interior has the heating turned up a bit too high for my liking.

Ahh I’m so content~ another post tomorrow~

Day 7: Music Core!

Music Core kicked ass! I went on Saturday and it was a good time~!

We rocked up to the MBC building super early, about 8:30am, and took our pictures in front of it to send off to the head of the Dalmates group to prove when we got there. We were numbers 9, 10 and 11 in the end which was really good! As usual the majority of attending a music show consists of sitting around waiting a lot, so we went to scope out an appropriate café to do so.

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We had dinner at Loving Hut which is a vegetarian/vegan food chain I’d visited previously with Hattie, and it was the end of a really good day. I’m now behind on posting things, though… I still need to do a post about last night’s B.A.P concert!! I’ll try and do that this evening, ahh~ it was so good.

Okay I’d better go do something with my day!